Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Call of Duty: Mobile (Garena) - Download on Android and iOS by Garena Mobile

Experience full action from the Call of Duty series that offers adrenaline refueling action on the go. Through your smartphone, enjoy new features from the latest updates.

Team up with your friends and explore the new ZOMBIE mode. Save hordes of ZOMBIES, grab rewards and unlock special limited weapons with this highly anticipated mode!

Our improved system promotes fair gameplay, new scoring systems and shorter matchmaking times. Rank today!

Alex Mason joins the fight in season 2! Earn weapon skins from Aurora, Alaska and Glacier series, collect rare quotes, sprays and more exciting rewards

Farm clans with friends and other soldiers! Complete daily missions and secure your place as the top clan in the area!

Enjoy bonus EXP when playing with friends as a team, improved "Play Again" feature, battery optimization and overall performance optimization for different devices!

Form the ultimate squad, play in your own style using unique weapons, and customize your own scorestroke feature to defeat your enemies. Experience unmatched FPS shooter from a legendary series on your smartphone with high quality graphics! Choose from different modes including 5v5 multiplayer mode and Battle Royal. Download and Play Now!

Winner of Best Game, Best Competitive Game - Google Best Game for 2019 Award!

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File Size:   Current Version:   Update Time:
1.39 GB               1.6.9              Nov 22, 2019