Thursday, June 20, 2019

PAYDAY: Crime War For Android and iOS - APK Download

PAYDAY: Crime War is an exciting multiplayer FPS Game, where you have to choose to become a police or robber. Depending on which team you choose, you have two goals: the robbers are trying to enter a safe, and the police will do anything to stop them!

PAYDAY: The control of crime war is very well adapted for touchscreen devices. Simply move your character with the virtual joystick on the left side of the screen, and fire your weapon with a button on the right. Apart from this there are buttons to jump on the right side of the screen, reload your weapon and launch grenades.

Like the PC and console versions of PAYDAY, there's tons of characters, both cops and robbers, to choose from in PAYDAY: Crime War. Not only that, the more you play, the more new content you'll unlock: dozens of masks, suits, weapons, accessories, loads of new safes, and even more exclusive content!

With all that, and fantastic graphics, you can customize your device, PAYDAY: Crime War is a great team-based FPS that manages to bring PAYDAY's great game experience on Android devices.

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357 MB                  0.9.0                    Jun 10, 2019