Monday, June 17, 2019

Millet Shootout: Battlefield Frontline For Android and iOS - APK Download

"Millet Shootout" is a shooting mobile game created by Unreal 4 engine. It has the right visual effect and restores the experience of the real battlefield. Battlefield mode, classic PVP and combat training cover the elements of the game that you can think of.

[Battlefied Mode]
Restore the real battlefield! The two armies of 24vs24 played against the flag, and in addition to the ground tanks and helicopter gunships, the atmosphere of the battleground was fully enhanced. Four weapons gave players more options! Land and air collisions are intense, and weapons correspond to the flag for attack. The aim of this model is to restore the battlefield experience of "Combination of sea, land and air".

[Classic PVP]
There are many classic gameplay: Team Resurrection, Blast Mode, Biochemical Mode, Picobu Mode, etc. More regular weather, stairs, tournaments and guns can be used to participate in e-sports events at any time.

What's new:

Update instructions: 
1. Increased the bonus of the war card. The silver medal and the gold medal will 
increase the daily bonus of the diamond.
2. Increase the attribute function of the weapon set. Collect the set suit weapon series trigger set attribute.
3. Add Level 60 weapon Mauser.
4. close the classic mode map sub-package download mechanism.
5. on the shelf spring and series weapons skin.
6. on the shelves Jingming series weapons skin.

Details info:

File Size:      Current Version:        Update Time:
1.31 GB                 1.17                     Mar 14, 2019