Sunday, June 30, 2019

Download Disorder (Beta) For Android and iOS by NetEase Game

The Description of Disorder:

After the Fortnite and PUBG the disorder comes here. It is an anti-nuclear team shooter, whose anti-nuclear war is imagined and it is centered around the subject of war in 2030, where armed groups are constantly fighting each other with nuclear arms and ammunition.

Disorder will provide players with a more realistic and immersive gaming experience. The vibrant characters in the game have their own detailed backstory.

Chaos has created a huge and realistic battle background for the players. False and settings, such as Pell Nights and Thermal Nuclear Conflict, as well as other details, come out slowly. War has become the norm for the whole world. Armed groups are constantly fighting each other for nuclear weapons and money. In this never-ending war, the players will enter the battlefield and be caught in the fire of war.

Uniquely features are revealed by intriguing gameplay

Four unique characters hold their own arms. The player will choose a character and will team up with him to form a five-player team in the fire.
Characters are heading towards a missile silo, which appears to be the ultimate objective of the player. Under the threat of atomic weapons, what options will you make and what kind of shooting will you experience? Let's wait and see!

A much anticipated game for 2019, globally available for pre-register

Shooter is one of the most classic type games with countless famous titles, which brings more intense but exciting opportunities for producers in this area.
The purpose of clutter is to break the simple levels that run through the levels provided by traditional shooters and provide players more immersive experience.

The Closed Beta Test for Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines begins on June 27 (GMT+8).

・Indonesia: Opens at 10 A.M. (GMT +7)

・Malaysia / Philippines: Opens at 11 A.M. (GMT +8)

・Australia : Opens at 13 P.M. (GMT +10)

・New Zealand: Opens at 15 P.M. (GMT +12)

Minimum Requirements:
CPU:Snapdragon 652、Snapdragon 810、Helio x25、Kirin 950、Exynos 7420
Space:3 GB

Details info:

Current Version:        Update Time:
          1.1                      Jun 27, 2019

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