Friday, May 3, 2019

King of Special War (Beta) APK Download On Android and iOS by War Studio

The king of special warfare is a modern warfare domestic independent FPS game developed by Warfare Personal Studio. The multiplayer online battle shooting game uses PBR material, HDR effect, ultra HD texture, real-time lighting rendering and screen flare flare effect. The game has a very beautiful light and shadow effect, multiplayer mode randomly joined the 6 camps (Delta troops, mercenaries, SEALs, army, special police, terrorists), more than 40 kinds of modern weapons, and players to experience the hearty battle . In zombie mode, you can use a weapon in your hand to kill a zombie army infected with a biochemical virus. 

The background of the game has been set in the rapid advancement of modern biotechnology. Politics and military are controlled by some bio-valves. In order to compete for the conflicts in various regions, biochemical virus leaks cause a large area of   infection, darkness falls, and the homes in memory are mutated. The zombie invasion, the world is in a bloody killing, the mysterious organization formed a special warfare unit to fight for the future of mankind. 

[Game Features

 Fast-paced online game, you can choose to enter the server in different regions of the world, single-player game to join the zombie mode. 

 3 multiplayer battle modes, including team deathmatch, melee, pistol competition, you can also create your own room and make your own rules online with your friends. 

➢ 7 multi-person maps, subway stations, parking lots, cities, towns, bases, warehouses, tropical islands and other different styles, try to win with different tactics. 

 40 weapons, including assault rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles, heavy machine guns, flame launchers, chainsaws, RPG rocket launchers, pistols, melee weapons, grenades, smoke bombs, incendiary bombs, flash bombs. 

 Weapons can be customized with beautiful camouflage skin.

What's new:

1. Add dynamic skin unlocking system 
2. Adjust zombie mode to drop items 
3. Add giant dice 
4. Adjust weapon values 
5. Add new creatures to mutate giant crabs 
6. Modify zombie mode Boss and elite blame AI and drop items 
7. Optimize the lighting effect of the parking lot scene 
8. Adjust the numerical parameters of some weapons 
9. Zombie mode battle data display to player data information 
10. Join the leaderboard

Details info:

File Size:      Current Version:        Update Time:
414.55 MB           1.0.1                       May 1, 2019

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