Friday, May 10, 2019

GAME FOR PEACE - New PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS - APK Download

"Game For Peace" is a military competition mobile game developed by Tencent LightSpeed   & Quantum Studios. It pays tribute to the Sky Warriors who protect the national airspace.

▶ "PUBG Mobile: Battlefield" Renamed "Game For Peace"

▶ "Game For Peace" officially launched in May 8 15:00 CST!

PUBG Mobile developer Tensent Holdings Limited said on Wednesday that it will discontinue offering its trial version of the world's best-selling video game “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (PUBG) in China, to get regulatory approval for starting sales Waiting for more than a year. Tencent has released a new game for the country, Game For Peace, to maintain a large-scale player database. Specifically, the developer claims that there is an element of patriotism in the new game. Anti-terror themed game is similar to PUBG, except for some exceptions.

What's New

[Classic Mode-New Content]

1) Classic mode limited time play-Christmas mode: When the joyous Christmas music sounds, it means that the Christmas surprise is getting closer and closer to everyone. Santa Claus will ride a reindeer cart full of rich materials across the sky to prepare Christmas gift boxes for special forces. , Christmas trees and Christmas gift boxes will also be painted in the major urban areas. Various Christmas gift boxes contain multiple interesting Christmas props: Christmas signal gun, Christmas chick brother, Christmas chick brother, Christmas toy apple, Frost pistol, etc. Come and start Christmas surprise, and collect materials quickly! Matching island maps and snow maps can enter this mode with probability;

2) New firearm-DBS shotgun: airdrop weapon, using 12 caliber ammunition, 2 bullets loaded at a time, high burst damage and large fault tolerance space, can be equipped with red dot, hologram, 2 to 6 times scope;

[Creative Workshop-New Gameplay]

1) Limited-time gameplay in the creative workshop-extreme cold mode: Based on classic gameplay, extreme cold weather regularly appears on snow maps. Special forces need to maintain their temperature through various channels. When the temperature is lower than normal, the health value will continue to decrease. ;

Ways to maintain body temperature:

1. Use a lighter to make a fire indoors. Adding picked branches can increase heating time;

2. After hunting deer and chicken to obtain raw venison and raw chicken, roast meat on the fire and use roasted venison and roast chicken to restore body temperature;

3. Use props directly: kerosene stove (obtained in the extremely cold material box), emergency heating pack (picked on the map);

4. Tame and use the Snow and Snow Year Beast and move within the range of Snow and Snow Year Beast to restore body temperature. The Ice and Snow Year Beast will be opened subsequently, please pay attention to the official announcement during opening hours;

5. In order to facilitate the collection of materials and investigation of the surrounding environment, skis will be randomly brushed on the map, and drones will be brushed out of the extremely cold material box for special soldiers to use;

2) Time-limited gameplay in the creative workshop-special operations: In the island map, picking up special equipment dropped from the ground can be upgraded to different arms, and picking up three upgrade cores (round, square, triangle) can upgrade the level of arms and unlock more Multi-skilled

Arms introduction:

1. Assault soldiers: good at fast charge, can increase the speed of movement in a short time, and restore a certain health value every time a knockdown or elimination is completed;

2. Mobile Corps: Good at mobile transfer, fast movement can be achieved by the claws, and jet jumping can be used in the air, making it safer to fall at high altitudes;

3. Emergency soldiers: They are good at first aid support, shorten the time required to use medical props, and can remotely and instantly rescue teammates and provide additional health values ​​to quickly restore the team's combat effectiveness;

4. Engineering soldiers: good at position defense, can set up tactical shields on the battlefield to block enemy attacks, and can provide comprehensive maintenance supplies for vehicles;

5. Logistics soldiers: Good at logistics supplies, can create worktables for teammates to repair armor, and can use tools to create new helmets and armors;

Remarks: Special Operations is a limited-time gameplay of the Creative Workshop. This mode will be opened later, please pay attention to the official announcement, so stay tuned;

[Classic Mode-Version Balance Adjustment]

1) Shotgun adjustment: including S1897, S686, S12K, short barrel shotgun and DBS:

1. Slightly reduced the range of shotgun bullets and increased the hit rate of shotguns at medium and short distances;

2. Increased the attenuation range of the shotgun's damage distance, but within the maximum effective distance, the minimum damage per bullet is 4 (3 for short-barreled shotguns);

3. Increased the muzzle lift of all shotguns when firing (no change in recoil);

4. Shotgun hits head damage coefficient 1.5 → 1.2, hits body 1.0 → 0.9;

5. The maximum effective range of the shotgun is adjusted to 80 meters (except for the DBS shotgun, which has a maximum effective range of 100 meters);

6. S1897 loading speed increased by 20%, and the mirror will not be disconnected when loading;

7. The number of projectiles fired by the short tube shotgun per shot is 8 → 9, and the damage per bullet is 22 → 20;

8. Slightly improved the vertical diffusion effect of duckbill muzzle;

2) Modification of light grip effect: The effect now is "substantially improve shooting stability, speed up the muzzle recovery speed" (without changing recoil);

3) M16A4 assault rifle balance adjustment: slightly increase the firing interval, slightly increase the vertical and horizontal recoil;

[Optimized content]

1. Classic mode-experience optimization:

1) Optimize the display effect of the signal circle: Optimize the color and visibility of the signal circle, reduce the screen occlusion effects outside the signal circle, and optimize the combat experience of the special forces near the signal circle;

2) The side sight of Kar98K sniper rifle moved to the right;

3) The side sight supports changing the sight style in the setting;

4) The effect of gunshots on bullet marks is optimized, and the effects of bullet marks will be different according to the direction of shooting, allowing players to guess the direction of the enemy based on the bullet marks;

5) The first-person dynamic gun holding state is optimized, and the gun holding position does not drop dynamically in the non-shooting state. You can choose to turn on the dynamic drop effect in "Basic Settings";

6) The performance effect of lighting the headlights is added when the vehicle is running;

7) When the character is under melee attack, the screen shaking effect is added to improve the performance of melee attack;

8) A new sighting function is added to the quick sight switch button. Clicking on the magnification icon again can remove the sighting, which is convenient for special forces who like to use sighting operations;

9) "Pickup settings" has been added with the automatic picking sight option. When this option is turned off, the pickup magnifier will not be automatically assembled to the firearm; it is convenient for special forces who like to use machine sighting operations;

10) Optimized the display rules of the pick list in battle: each time the pick list is triggered, the position of the list is displayed from the top item to improve the smoothness of searching for items;

11) Optimize the interactive experience of lying down: The triggering effect of the lying down button has been changed from "trigger trigger" to "press trigger" to improve the responsiveness of lying down and facilitate special forces to achieve various tactical behaviors more quickly;

12) Optimize the experience of attacking and interrupting medicine taking: Clicking the attack button during the medicine taking will interrupt the medicine taking state and return to the gun / empty state before taking medicine to maintain the consistency of the battle;

13) In the "Custom Layout Settings", a second confirmation prompt was added when resetting the layout to prevent the wrong operation of the special forces to cause the layout to be reset;

14) Performance optimization of health value bar: Added shading effect;

15) A new UI-less mode is added to the emoticon button. The special forces can hide the UI in the battle, and can switch between fixed and mobile perspectives to facilitate special forces to share pictures and record videos. Enter the experience from the emoticon button;

16) When the special striker who achieves the final blow wins the championship, he can summon the championship airdrop and get the championship trophy to share the joy of victory with his teammates;

17) Optimize the button interaction experience in the training field: merge the add friend button and the exit button into the same button entrance;

18) Optimization of elimination playback function: Added the overhead logo and small map icon display of the eliminated person to identify the eliminated special forces;

19) Skydiving following function optimization: Teams who have not followed the skydiving relationship in the birth square for a period of time will be assigned skydiving relationships based on historical combat performance, and players can choose to cancel it by themselves; this effect can be turned off in the basic settings;

20) Skydiving follow function optimization: Followed players can transfer skydiving captains to other players;

21) iPad Pro (2018) with ProMotion technology can run at 90 frames;

2. Other modes-experience optimization:

1) Team competition: The team selection tab has been added to the mode selection interface, and the team competition related gameplay will be moved from the creative workshop tab to the team competition tab;

2) Team competition: Added a share button in the settlement MVP interface to allow special forces to share the glory moments of themselves or their teammates;

3) Teammate recall mode: Four map rotation mechanism is used:

1. Maps of the rainforest can be matched every Monday;

2. Every Tuesday and Wednesday can match the snow map;

3. Desert maps can be matched every Thursday and Friday;

4. The island map can be matched every Saturday and Sunday;

4) Entertainment mode-Extreme showdown: Join the snow map, and the special forces will randomly match the map to fight;

3. New functions and optimization in the lobby:

1) Team interface optimization:

1. Add the "All" tab, which will display all online players including friends, recent, nearby, and regiments, as well as offline friends;

2. Under the "All" tab, friends added in the game will show the way to add that friend. If there is a remark name, the remark name will be displayed to facilitate the player to remember the friend. "

2) Optimization of team lobby:

1. Optimize the experience when no team is searched, and guide players to modify search conditions or post recruitment;

2. After the recruitment is withdrawn, no other players will enter the team through the team lobby;

3. If the team is not successfully joined, the microphone confirmation window will not pop up;

3) When the skin of the firearm is in use for a limited time, it cannot appear in the list of the batch decomposition panel;

4) The display setting function in the upper left corner of the warehouse has been expanded to support a panel to configure multiple hall display items and in-battle display items;

5) One-click task reward function is added to the missions of the Corps;

6) Corps-today ’s special training added a key to receive treasure chest reward function;

7) Personal details interface optimization: Add personal details sharing function, players can share their personal details;

8) Friends team invitation optimization: Supports displaying 3 friends team invitation information at the same time;

9) In the team function in the lobby, add the "intercom" function to synchronize with the state in the battle, press and hold to speak;

10) For the friend list, two new functions are supported: support for gender filtering, fuzzy search for friend name or character ID; and the game friend list can display the friend platform identification;

11) Optimize the process of friend application and approval information:

1. When a friend application is received, clicking the game friend tab on the friend interface will automatically open the friend application panel;

2. If the player's friend application has been approved by the opponent, you will see the corresponding prompt in the message center of the email, and you can make quick notes on the opponent here;

12) Optimization of friend information remarks function: When agreeing to the friend application of the other party and viewing the approved friend application information, the information remark can be quickly made to the other party;

13) Adjusting the rules for backpack pendants: A backpack pendant can be hung on any backpack. After using the rules to adjust, the excess backpack pendant will be broken down into material coins, and players can collect it by mail;

14) Trailing props are globally visible by default. Players can set global visibility in the warehouse or only teammates.

15) Moved the quick voice setting interface to the “Warehouse-Combat Readiness” tab;

4. Safety function optimization:

1) Aiming at the known security issues such as connector and perspective, further upgrade the security system components and add several effective security strike strategies;

2) Lobby-Add security center entrance to more interfaces, add video inspection and report query functions, and add more security functions later;

3) Optimization of video inspection system: more qualified special forces will be invited to join the inspection system to improve the coverage of security strikes and inspection efficiency;

4) Optimization of the video inspection system: the growth system, teaching system, and practice functions of the inspection system are added, which is more conducive for the special forces to learn and identify various violations and improve the efficiency of security strikes

5) Optimization of video inspection system: Optimize the display of enemy distance, and change the color of the enemy's perspective box from red to cyan to reduce interference with the enemy's position judgment;

6) Optimization of video inspection system: increase the coverage of the first person mode;

7) Video inspection system optimization: adding AI-assisted review mechanism;

8) Optimization of video inspection system: optimization of function logic to improve operation efficiency;

9) Optimization of the restraint function of the injured teammates: After the restraint effect of the injured teammates is triggered, the player can freely switch the function of restraining the teammates in the watch teammate interface;

5.BUG fix:

1) Fixed the problem that the airdrop in some battle situations did not load with a small probability;

2) Fixed an issue where teammates could get stuck together with small probability and could not move;

3) Fixed the problem that the vehicle would suddenly explode when hitting some terrain or trees;

4) Fixed the problem that the position of teammates' icons may be incorrect in some special forces;

5) Fixed the problem that grenades could not be thrown for a short time in some special forces;

6) Fixed other known game issues;

Detailed info:

File Size:    Current Version:    Update Time:
1.78 GB                1.5.8               Dec 14, 2019