Thursday, November 8, 2018

Download PUBG MOBILE 0.11 For Android and iOS in Chinese Beta

Winner of the winning chicken dinner.

PUBG Mobile: Battlefield is the real mobile game of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The PC version has been completely modified, promises to you the pure playing experience. With Unreal Engine 4, which represents only the next-gen audiovisual quality, such as the PC version. Your tips on 8 x x 8km main map. There will be 100 players on the battlefield, fair play. Experience excellent shooting experience. Invite your friends to a team and make a voice call with one click.

Presented by Quantum Studio of Lightspeed and Tencent. You promise a delightful gaming experience.

What's New:

[new weather]
1) Island Map - Allenge, Desert Map - Miramar, added random dynamic weather - cloudy, in this weather, cloudy, rainy and foggy days will alternately and dynamically change; all day unlimited, Brush out with a small probability;

Winter Mode

[New firearms, new accessories]
1) New firearms: MK47 assault rifle - use 7.62mm caliber bullets, which will be scanned across the three maps;
2) New accessories: laser sight - the grip of the grip of the firearm, the bullet spread when the gun is slightly lowered after assembly, will be brushed out on the map of the three maps;

MK47 assault rifle

[new vehicle]
1) New vehicles: Tukshai - only in the rainforest map - Sano brushed out;
2) Vehicle brushing adjustment: Rainforest map - Sano no longer brushes jeep and sedan;

"Tukshai" New Vehicle

[Entertainment mode]
1) Speed ​​battlefield, sniper special training mode to join the rainforest map - Sano;

[Battle Optimization]
1.Core combat optimization
1) Add a jump throwing function, the player can throw at the same time while jumping.
2) When the player is hit by a shock bomb, the player will passively play the eye-catching animation;
3) When the player hits the burning bottle, the player will passively play the fire animation;
4) Throwing objects - the performance of the burning bottle flame is optimized;
5) Add the lens shake effect of the player in the third person's attack;
6) Add the lens shake effect when the player jumps from the height to the ground;
7) Adjust the trigger area of ​​the single-shot, fully automatic switch button to achieve easier and more accurate clicks;
8) Added confirmation sound when switching drugs and throwing objects list;

2. Battle other optimization
1) Added special-shaped screen adaptation function, players can adjust the degree of UI reduction according to the type of screen of the model;
2) Add high and low quality options, players can choose the sound quality of different effects according to their needs. Some models do not support this function due to insufficient memory;
3) The voice system adds the function of the pager. The player can press the button to turn on the microphone to send the voice and release the microphone.
4) Follow the parachute system to add the 10s to reject invitation option. After the selection, the player will not receive the invitation within 10s.

[Security related functions]
1. Add a new injury teammate penalty system (to verify the stability of the function, gradually open the function to the server): After the player is eliminated by the teammate, you can choose to report the teammate and punish it in real time. The object to be punished will not be able to move and cannot pick up the site. Injury teammate's box;
2. Added report feedback system, players can view report feedback and report records in the system;
3. When reporting an opponent, add a new report to the current opponent's function;
4. Upgrade the security components to further enhance the plug-in sensing and attack capabilities and purify the game environment;

[BUG repair]
1. Fix the problem that only one shot can be shot by holding down the shooting button in some cases;
2. Fix the problem that you can send a quick command during the battle opponent;
3. Fix the problem that the iPhone Xs Max is prone to screen shake when turning the angle of view;
4. Fix bugs in throwing objects into the building through the wall;
5. Fixed an issue where using certain operations in a running state would cause an abnormal speed;
6. Fix the problem that the last throwing object will be invalid when the throwing operation is cancelled;
7. Fix the problem that using certain specific operations in the state of being thrown will cause the model to be abnormal;
8. Fixing the use of throwing objects in the first person for certain operations can lead to perspective problems;
9. Fix other known issues;

Detailed info:

File Size:         Current Version:            Update Time:
1.51 GB                   0.11.3                        Nov 6, 2018

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