Friday, November 2, 2018

Download The Day After Tomorrow For Android & iOS by NetEase game

"The Day After Tomorrow" - At the end of the virus, human existence, the world

We live, in fact, just a sealed box. Increasing boundaries of science and technology bring more unknown danger; The more convenient means of transport allow the virus to spread. Destructive virus across the country, order and contract collapse, and where should you go?

- Keep hope and existence:

Furious, and the familiar world has become strangers. Diseases, hunger, cold, infected people, and unknown intentions threaten the lives of the survivors of all times, and the dangers are everywhere. Be sure to stay calm and believe that there is always a solution.

- Use all:

In cities where alive are infected, abandoned mining areas, waste university, cold white trees and highlands ... Explore every corner of the last days, gather and use all the rare living resources. Gather, hunt, and cook to fill your stomach; Make medicines and weapons to protect yourself.

- When the more survivors:

Go out to tamper, you will face more survivors. At this last age, you have to be cautious of unexpected people; you should attack you to avoid others; Of course, you can share food, stuff, ammunition and your adventures with them.

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