Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Top 5 New RPG (Role Playing Game) Games For Android | Download Now!

1Thorns and bones.

➢ Description:

"Thorn and White Bone" is a sandbox strategy MMORPG in Europe and America. It has a seamless world of 9000*9000, allowing players to move, build and fight freely! Multi-axis ability matching, camp-oriented PVP, free city construction, soldier strategy growth and refreshing ARPG operation feel, siege, ground-breaking, free construction, self-built kingdom constructed the entire game world. We do not aim at sheet metal, we create a relatively fair game environment, join us and become the lord!

the land , dominate the group] You can increase your sphere of influence by capturing the territory of other players. In a seamless world, you can change the game world. Every territory of the siege warfare needs to be carefully arranged, because all the territories are freely built by the players, greatly increasing the fun of siege warfare! 

[Break the war, the ultimate war] 
By recruiting different soldiers, you can achieve different war fun in the field; mutual restraint between the soldiers to form a complete combat system; the growth of the arms can increase the use of the arms, not A good cycle is formed under the premise of affecting balance. 

Detailed info:

File Size:         Current Version:              Update Time:
1004.80 MB              1.01                           Sep 30, 2018

2. Fantasy fairy.

➢ Description:

In the fantasy fairy, you will be able to see the seductive treasures, see the remains of the gods, see the extension of various cultures, and see the strange beasts you have never seen before. The knightly tender love of the fairy tales, the beauty of the river in the game, the legend of the sacred world, is fascinating; the love of the children, the countless shackles, the people in the fairy life, the love word is like a meteor; original multi player PVP and Immortal Supreme add more changes to the battle, and at the same time more perfectly interpret the world's infinite ambiguity to the world of Xianxia, ​​creating a true realm of Xianxia for the players, a round of your dreams! 

Open battle, 10,000 people with the screen to kill people to rob the 
Mozu nest to grab the boss, compete for the strongest equipment, only dare to fight to have the opportunity to get the best ~ 

easy upgrade, copy sweeping at any time to hang up 
easy to blame, features offline hang up, more Experience card, upgrade at any time to upgrade the power of the 

fairy fairy love, carry out a romantic journey 
rich marriage system, luxury banquet, salute, can also be a room, baby ~ 

free trade, buy and sell equipment 
games open free market, the equipment can be put 

Go to the market and sell to earn the ingots~ Come together to cultivate the immortals, and take risks together!

➢ Detailed info:

File Size:         Current Version:              Update Time:
97.65 MB                 1.0.1                            Oct 2, 2018

3. Phantoms in the City of Tang.

➢ Description:

This story happened during the Tang Dynasty, when the Terran and the Yaozu oppose each other and coexist. And the age of mutual tolerance. 
The legendary monsters are hidden in the shadow of the prosperous world. Among them are the kind and kind children who are gentle and respectful, and the ferocious people who are full of human blood. And you, about to enter the world, play a young sorcerer who entered the WTO, and the Guardian of the "spiritual power". 
You must walk between "common sense" and "very knowledge" to communicate or fight with monsters who only exist in the world of fantasy. Use your wisdom, power, and magical spells to solve the dilemma you encounter. Find out the truth under the mystery, fight against the darkness of the ancient times, do what you can, and maintain the balance between the two races.

➢ Detailed info:

File Size:         Current Version:              Update Time:
1.57 GB                   1.0.11                         Sep 21, 2018

4. Emperor Growth Plan 2.

➢ Description:

"Emperor Growth Plan 2" is a simulation-developed casual game. This is a sequel to the Emperor's Growth Plan. In the game, players can play different celestial dynasties, govern their own country, and include famous ministers. West Chu Bawang, Shu Han, the hero of the water, who can help you dominate the world? Zhuge Kongming, who is not the first to die, or Bao Qingtian, who is unselfish, who is your famous leader. From the Three Emperors and Five Emperors to the Tang Zong Song Zu, different emperor scripts bring you to the immersive experience and experience different journeys of the Son of Heaven. Endless novelty gameplay, challenge the infinite passionate national war, all in the "Emperor Growth Plan 2".

➢ Detailed info:

File Size:         Current Version:              Update Time:
31.33 MB                  1.0.6                          Sep 29, 2018

5. Dark miracle.

➢ Description:

"Dark Miracle" is a large 3D Western magic MMORPG mobile game. With an epic grand world view and an immersive picture experience, the magical world of the West is blooming at the fingertips. The professional style is very different, taking you deep into the vast mainland, through the magnificent city-states, exploring the ice and snow, challenging the ancient and powerful gods, and writing their own magnificent epic. The game also has three unique battlefields, guild hegemony and other exciting original core gameplay, marriage, love and other rich social relationships, more personalized cute pet mounts, a variety of skills and equipment, into the battle, so that the experience is full of possibilities, easy to build Own original role. The game system is huge and has a lot of benefits. Let you play a new era of instant combat mobile games at your fingertips. Feel a different magic journey.

➢ Detailed info:

File Size:         Current Version:              Update Time:
126.75 MB                0.1.01                        Sep 19, 2018