Monday, October 8, 2018

Download Sausage party New Battle Royale Game For Android and iOS


"Sausage Party" is a survival Battle Royale shooting mobile game with a funny shape. 
The game has real recoil algorithm, open mirror shake, ballistic fall and other elements, allowing players to experience the super hard core shooting experience! In addition, there are weird weapons and equipment in the game, such as love cloud bombs, toilet bowls; rich gameplay, such as two-stage jump, African guns; more character-oriented costumes, such as maid costumes, unicorn suits, etc. Etc... Every corner of the game is full of "skin" elements. 
"Sausage Party" hopes to bring players a hardcore and interesting game experience. The overall atmosphere of the game is lively and funny, but it can also bring certain challenges to the players.

What's New:

V7.16 version update content: 
1, add arcade mode gameplay - fast party 
2, add daily task 
3, add new login reward task 
4, add firearms: SLR, AUG (airdrop), MK14 (airdrop) 
5, the new friend injury protection, will be retained by the teammates grenade or detonation vehicle damage will retain 1 point of blood 
6, new malicious damage teammates punishment mechanism, injury teammates will enter the penalty state that can be attacked by teammates to the end of the game 
7, add Segment performance improvement performance 
8, new information function added, replacement announcement function 
9, adjustment to reduce the movement speed when using the throwing object 
10, adjust the game mode entry mode, in the main interface can be teamed and mode selection 
11, optimize the data panel , warehouse, store interface 
12, optimize the gun jump, swim, bend the shot, change the movement 
13, optimize the role of the redesigned rescue teammates, change to refueling and refueling 
14, optimize the stability of the light machine gun under the shooting stability (Cooperate with Geely suits enough) 
15. Optimize and adjust all UI interfaces. 
16. Optimize and adjust the poison circle, bombing tips 
17, optimize the two-stage jump action and some firearms to change the animation. 
18, optimize the poison. Circle performance effect 
19, optimize the line of sight of the airdrop box 
20, repair a number of BUG

Detailed info:
File Size:         Current Version:              Update Time:
395.33 MB                 7.16                           Oct 8, 2018