Thursday, October 11, 2018

Download PUBG Mobile: Marching (TIMI) For Android and iOS in Chinese Version

Try PUBG Mobile: Marching (Timi), the genuine mobile game of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. 
[Get all the things you're interested in this genuine version]
With Unreal Engine 4, PUBG represents the world as the original PC version.
The military base, Yasnaya escapes, Car 98 K, 8x

[Small screen, same joy]
All speed of characters and weapons is optimized for mobile. Experience wonderful gaming pleasure even lying on a bed.

[Fight no, no now or no]
100 players, fair play. Show your combat tactics and enjoy the ultimate gaming experience.

Winner of the victorious chicken dinner!

➢ What's new:

New map - training ground
Add a map of the training field, single-person monopoly, enter the special war drill, challenge the control limit, and prepare for the next chicken!
New vehicle - Bigfoot beast, Ronnie
Two new drivers airborne all over the army, innovative development of the big car crushed the audience! A new big-foot beast to help off-road combat; rony small pickup truck to help the jungle eat chicken!
New team
Open black with teammates, participate in the king of the team, and attack the most powerful team!
Add a friend watching system
The new version of the friends can not only play on their own, but also watch friends eat chicken.
Friend system optimization
1. Optimize the list of hit friends, now you can set the priority display for the hits, which makes it easier to give coins and team
2. Add a tacit gold stamp to your friends to quickly improve the intimacy between your friends.
Motion optimization
1. Optimize the performance of the cutting gun
2. Optimize the performance of empty hands and running with guns
3. Optimize the performance of jogging/running
4. Optimize the picking performance
5. Optimize climbing/overtaking performance
6. Optimize the performance of boxing action
7. Add a deceleration action before landing
8. 3P lens performance rework.
Weapon related optimization
1. Optimized the lens shake effect when the firearm is fired
2. Increased the holding time after the throwing ring
3. Added the hold-and-open mode, the player can select in the setting interface-convenient setting, press and hold the aiming button to open the mirror, and turn off the mirror when released.
4. Added the operation of sliding the screen to the viewing angle after pressing the open mirror
5. Optimize the precision shooter rifle recoil
6. Fixed the problem that the gun attachments are not displayed properly after the equipment is equipped with the sight glass.
7. Optimized the kar98k reloading animation
8. Grenade and pistol will now be displayed on the character.

➢ Detailed info:

File Size:         Current Version:              Update Time:
1.69 GB                            Aug 29, 2018