Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Download MARVEL Battle Lines For Android and iOS by NEXON Company

The universe cube has been broken, and the Marvel universe is in chaos! You can't be lost, you must join forces with superheroes and villains (including the Avengers, Galaxy Guard, Spider-Man, etc.) to collect debris to restore the universe. 
More than 100 of your favorite Marvel character cards are waiting for you to collect, including Captain America, Sol, Night Devil, Venom, Dr. Strange and Fighter. Build your perfect card combination, command character battles in single player mode, or engage in global battles with players in the player battle mode. Develop a strategy to send your character to action in this epic card collection campaign game. 


• More than 100 superheroes and super villains are collected, including Iron Man, Black Widow, Spiderman, Rocky, etc. The style is eye-catching and each is a collection masterpiece. 

• Build your card combination and create your strongest team. Superheroes and super villains are free to combine, including the Avengers, Defenders, Aegis, and others! 

• Develop your strategy: attack your enemies with three cards. 

• Start a battle in single player mode or enter the battle mode directly from the beginning. 

• Release the Super Action Card and knock down your enemies.

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83.63 MB                  2.0.1                          Oct 26, 2018

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