Sunday, October 28, 2018

Download Cyber Hunter For Android

"Cyber ​​Hunter" is a full-free sandbox survival game that combines survival, shooting, construction, exploration and many other elements. Here, players can freely climb and gliding. They have the super power to transform the quantum magic energy into various required objects. They are equipped with cool firearms and innovative destruction weapons. They ride the sea, land and air vehicles to the ground and enter the future quantum virtual world. Explore a series of stories between justice and evil, tradition and emerging, conservative and radical! 

- Freely combine 30 kinds of survival skills, create freedom, destroy 
freedom and destruction, and transform quantum magic energy into all kinds of objects you need! The 12-meter-high watchtower, the fortress that protects and shoots, the detectors that detect the enemy, the medical instruments that treat teammates, and so on, are all in your hands. 

- High-degree-of-freedom longitudinal combat experience. Any terrain climbing gliding is 
based on climbing and gliding, and is complemented by rich terrain and creation, greatly expanding the vertical combat dimension. Here, the player's battlefield is not only a 6km*6km big map, but also a sea, land and air world that can enter the sky. In addition, players can also find the enhanced core of the new skills to unlock weapons in the ancient ruins, as well as tactical gloves that can significantly increase the speed of climbing in the wreckage of the robot to enhance vertical combat and exploration capabilities. 

- Massive guns and weapons to defeat enemies in your way 
In addition to common submachine guns, rifles and sniper rifles, handguns, heavy weapons and throwing weapons all have unique attack modes and weapon utility. Such as: treatment of teammates' therapeutic handguns, howitzers with extraordinary destruction of building capabilities, frozen grenade that can freeze the surface of the water. In addition, Cyber ​​Hunter also has a unique core system. After all kinds of weapons are assembled and enhanced, the core will gain unique capabilities and even unlock new weapon skills, such as infrared detection and mobile vehicle functions. 

- Ultra-high degree of freedom, personalized appearance, custom sea, land and air, cool vehicles
In the pinch system, players can customize multiple parts including eyes, face, makeup, hairstyle, and various colors, irises, eyebrows, lip makeup, hair color, etc. definition. Through high-definition fashion, individual movements, weapon painting, and vehicle painting, players will gain unique character styling. In addition to the traditional carrier, the carrier is unique in addition to the basic acceleration function. 

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