Monday, October 15, 2018

Download BETA PUBG MOBILE 0.9.0

PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 Beta Update is now available and has many new features. Starting with brand new Halloween theme and FPP driving mode this beta release has many new features and bug fixes.

New Content:

1New menu screen and sub-menu backdrops.
2. New "challenge" arcade mode in which there is no mini-map indicator, hit marker, target support, auto pick-up, or cancellation of grenade. Follow all other mechanics classic modes. Challenge mode is only for earl.
3. The new QBU Marksman Rifle replaces at the SanHok Mini-14, in which it is unique.

New settings

1. The new "movie" picture style, the player can set the selection in the screen, which will be effective on all maps.
2. Peak and fire settings have been updated. Now you can choose whether or not to lean or tap to stay steady and stable. There is also an additional option that will allow towing tagging, but when the button is pressed it will close the tilt.
3. Vehicle radio music can be toggled under vehicle control.
4. Added new "quick change" radius button menu. Tap to select any attachment optic for the currently equipped weapon, which already includes other weapons-related optics.
5. Control schemes can now be saved in the cloud and ported to other devices running the same account.
6. Emulators now have a dedicated login option

Balance and bug fix

1. The sound of the vehicle has been improved and optimized.
2. Limb loss decreased.
3. The menu and the result screen graphical bug are fixed.
4. Players should not take a random drop while jumping into other players.
5. UAZ will no longer hit randomly and knock the driver or passengers.
6. The camera should not be shaken more often when riding on a motorcycle sidecar.
7. Backpack capacity indicators should now be read correctly.
8. Customized connection issues resolution.
9. Other bug fixes


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